Sweet pleasure

Sweet pleasure

Sweet pleasure

Imagine a flood of crispy wafers, buttery cookies or crunchy chocolate cakes. These are exactly the kind of treats that will be rolling off the end of the modular lines, parts of which we have been producing at Industry in recent months. The modular line for the production of sweet pastries consists of a three-roll forming machine, fillers for lubricating and greasing e.g. cake shells, pressure equipment, finishing tables and a cord conveyor for moving the sweets. It can be supplied in a standard design or made to order directly to the customer's requirements. The wide range of optional accessories includes, for example, the possibility of special application of creams and sprinkles, spraying with syrup, covering cakes with chocolate, fondant, or even ultrasonic cutting equipment.

The positive news is that bakers today are faced with the challenge of meeting the growing worldwide demand trend for healthier, more nutritionally balanced products. For these, customers expect quality raw materials and lower sugar and salt content. Manufacturers are already adapting the development of baking machines to this. Our customer says: "Thanks to our many years of experience, we know bakery products inside out and work with the customer from the initial idea onwards, providing complete support in the development of innovative concepts and modern, efficient solutions."
And we, at Liko-S are happy to be a part of it. 


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