Machining, welding,
cutting of material

Metalwork for
the most demanding clients
We believe that it’s best
to be the best
We are building
a Happy and Green Company

Innovation for quality and efficiency

Our advanced technological lines require the highest possible know-how, and fulfil demanding certification processes. This is the only way we can satisfy the comprehensive requirements for the manufacture of welded structures and assembly components from, for example, austenitic materials. Our customised production is characterised by its considerable diversity and use of the broadest possible range of technological processes.

Virtual tour of the production hall

Go through our production hall to see professionally made products of our metal industry. All our technological equipment and work is directly in front of you. Just look around…

LIKO-S: Family Business

We are LIKO-S, a Czech family business. We have a clear vision, corporate philosophy and culture. Our products are the result of our own development and manufacturing. Since 1992, we have established branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and India, as well as export partnerships in 16 countries around the world. That is part of the reason why we were awarded the title Family Business 2014.

Our aim is to be number one in the field and offer customers the highest quality services. We invest most of our profit in research and development. This enables us to offer the most advanced technology for welding, laser burning, water jet and CNC machining, and accommodate the demands of most industrial sectors.