About us

At the heart of all our products is craftsmanship. It is art, which is in the hands of our workers.

We are experts

We put everything that is necessary into our products. We are experts, work diligently, and purchase only the best materials, from which we manufacture our products using the latest technology. We strive for customer satisfaction with the final product, with a view towards generating repeat custom. Our manufacturing is as efficient as possible, which means we are able to offer our customers better prices.

Our production fulfils the demanding requirements for welding – we are certified in accordance with CSN EN ISO 3834-2, CSN EN 15085-2 and CSN EN 1090-1.

Quality is key

The quality of our processes and technology, as well as know-how, are reflected in the quality of our products. We do not only sell products, but also the expertise of our technicians and craftsmen. Our technological lines require our welders to have the highest professional expertise. This relates to product design, the materials used, and the required certification and authorisations. We maintain order and a system in the manufacturing premises, which is reflected in the manner in which we communicate with the customer and how we ascertain their requirements.

LIKO-S: guarantee of quality and reliability

Our innovative spirit drives us forward. We are constantly inventing and innovating – and not only in metalwork. We were the first in Europe to begin manufacturing interior partitions, and we instigated the foam insulation market – we set trends. The pinnacle of our efforts is the LIKO-Noe® development centre. We constructed the experimental development centre in 27 days and won the “Healthiest Office” award in the Meeting Room of the Year competition. It was only personal progress and technological development that enabled us to come up with the SMART-i-WALL® interactive wall. The next step will be a unique green production hall LIKO-Vo.

Family business

What does the term “family business” mean to us? Everything! LIKO-S stands on family foundations, and in business terms is built on Baťa´s entrepreneurial principles. Come and see for yourself. Visit our company headquarters in Slavkov u Brna. We’re always working on something, but please feel free to contact us at any time. We have vouched for our work for two generations. How we behave towards one another in the family is reflected in the life of the entire company. Family helps us to overcome the bad times in both life and business, and rejoice in the good.

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