Deburring machine RWT BSM 650-1100

Deburring machine RWT BSM 650-1100

We, LIKO-S industry pledged to be on a constant quest to be the best among the best. And because standing still and waiting for miracles is not our style, we are more of a seized the day kind of people, and because stagnation is the enemy of healthy company we decided to buy a brand new deburring machine. We strongly believe this machine will help us to overcome these complicated times as well as help us to improve our work and help us to achieve and offer to our customers even more high-quality products. We also believe the deburring machine will amend out time management for the better and we will be able to concentrate are full attention to perfecting our products even more. 

And what does the deburring machine do?

  • deburring after cutting, pressing, and machining
  • descaling and elimination of oxide
  • the unification of the surface before further processing
  • chamfering and rounding of edges
  • for grinding materials made of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass
  • it processes of even very small workpieces using a magnetic or vacuum table
  • provides the possibility of grinding, deburring, and finishing on one machine

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