Production of stainless steel structure for brewery

Production of stainless steel structure for brewery

Production of stainless steel structure for brewery:

Last month we had the pleasure to participate in the production of the stainless steel structure for the brewery. The brewhouse, which will later be built into the structure, is made up of a sophisticated system of vessels, frames, steps, platform, coolers, pumps and other technological elements. The control is fully automated and controlled by software. The brewing of beer in such a brewhouse takes place in the so-called infusion or decoction method, where the mixture of grains from which the beer is produced is heated until the so-called wort is produced. Brewer's yeast is later added to the wort, which begins to produce alcohol.

Interestingly, beer has been with mankind since time immemorial. The earliest written reference to beer comes from Mesopotamia around 4000 BC. It was a drink called 'kash' by the Sumerians and was made using fermented barley bread. Today, 150,000,000 hectolitres of beer are sold worldwide each year, making it the best-selling drink. It is most often obtained by malting barley or wheat, with corn added in America and rice in Asia.


A little about "beer" rarities:

Strength through frost
The strongest beer in the world is Snake Venom, which boasts an alcohol content of 67.5%. The high alcohol level is achieved by freezing and then removing the frozen water crystals. For a "third" of this beer you will pay around 1600 CZK, it is produced by the Scottish brewery Brewmeister.

The world's most expensive beer has been through the fire
When the giant German airship Hindenburg caught fire over a US airfield in New Jersey on May 6, 1937, 36 people were killed in the crash. Fire chief Leroy Smith subsequently retrieved six bottles of what was probably German Löwenbräu beer from the wreckage - a fifth of the contents had evaporated, and the fire had destroyed some of the labels. One bottle went to auction in 2013, the highest bid was 16 thousand dollars, or about 360 thousand crowns. It is the most expensive bottle of beer in the world. 

The fastest-drinking tuplass
The fastest drunk "tuplák" in the world was managed in 1977 in 1.3 seconds by American Steven Petrosino.

The biggest bizarro
Forget boring lagers. "The End of History" is 55% alcohol and made by Scottish brewery BrewDog. You'll have to dig really deep into your pockets for the bottled beer, which is housed in the bodies of taxidermied squirrels and hranostajas. A bottle sells for about $20,000. The beer was originally produced as part of a promotional campaign to raise funds to build a new brewery in the US. BrewDog started in 2007 with two employees and owners (and one dog), brewing just over 1,000 hectolitres a year. Today, it is the largest independent brewery in Scotland with over 500 employees and an output of around 150,000 hectolitres a year.
All of the animal carcasses in which the beer bottles are embedded are from individuals unintentionally hit by a car.



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